Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Unleash the Adonis!

So John Barban and Kyle Leon have released a new program “Adonis Golden Ratio” – What is the story? 

As you know – I’m a HUGE fan of Kyle Leon’s programs Customized Fat Loss and the Muscle Maximizer, having named them the #1 best fat loss and #1 best muscle building programs respectively. That said I was excited to check out The Adonis Golden Ratio which is Kyle’s newest program that he put out in collaboration with John Barban.

The program was designed to help men achieve a very precise build that has been scientifically proven to be the most attractive to women. I won’t get into all the research that they did on this, but it is really cool to think about. As it turns out most men WAY overestimate how muscular they should be to be optimally attractive to women. Barban discovered that their is this special “golden ratio” for a guy’s shoulders and waist that is just “perfect” and super attractive to women, and then he designed this whole program for helping guys to achieve these precise measurements.

When you get the program you get access to the complete 12 week system, a video training library that shows you how to do all the exercises, a nutrition guide, supplement guide, and even nutrition software to tailor a specific nutrition plan based on your own DNA! plus a few more cool bonuses and such.

Do I recommend the Adonis Golden Ratio? 

Like I said – Kyle’s programs are tops in my book and I’ve named them as the top guides, above anything else out there…

So the question is whether I would recommend The Adonis Golden Ratio OVER Kyle’s other programs and the answer is… If you are a girl, I’d stick with Customized Fat Loss, because, after all this program is all about helping men acheive the ideal MALE proportions… But, if you are a dude, it’s AGR all the way. This program is legitamitely a game changer for the fitness industry and I’m naming it the #1 fitness guide for men. Period. Get your copy of the Adonis Golden Ratio Here.